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About Aspley


Cities have things specific to them that create curiosity in us. We do not only want to know about schools, parks, churches or mosques surrounding us but we also want to know how long those places have been in existence. We want to know how the place live in was formed, the history behind it. This is why we want to look into what Aspley was from at its beginning.

In Australia, Aspley is a suburb to Brisbane City at Queensland. Aspley is situated about 13 kilometres north and around half and hour’s drive towards the north of the Brisbane central business. You will find it on flat ground, at the south of Cabbage Tree Creek. Aspley is centred on Little Cabbage Tree Creek as well as on the hills that hills surrounding the east and south.

Aspley is one of the earliest places to exist in Australia and it has a very rich history that you would love to explore this is why a brief history of Aspley is solely prepared for you below so as to get more apprised with Aspley and its surroundings, like it was earlier mentioned, we should be eager to know about a place we live in.

Brief History of Aspley

As soon as was Brisbane City became a free settlement in the year 1842, exploration of the northern part of Brisbane City began. A northern route travelled to the North Pine. The northern route is called “Old Nothern Road,” and “Old North Road.”

Eastword from the “Old Northern Road” at the Southern Pine River, there was another aboriginal route that crossed in the direction of Little Cabbage Tree Creek, travelling towards Downfall Creek. The track was christened “Albany Creek Road” as well as “Gympie Road.” Before 1888 however, Albany Road was known as “Chinaman Creek Road.”

It was under the control of New South Wales and around 1857 that the first land sales around the eastern part of Old Northern Road and South Pine River. At first the land was sold for farming and it encapsulated the land around the Cabbage Tree Creek sharing borders with where we now call Zillmerre Road, Roghan Road, Bridgeman Road as well as the northernwards continuation of Kirby Road, encapsulating where we now refer to as Aspley, Carseldine and Fitzgibbon.

In 1859, Queensland separated from New South Wales and next subdivisions after this turned out to be more miniscule. Within the space of five years from 1859, the pieces of land at the south of Zillmere Road or Graham Road in what is now referred to as Aspley started.

Schools in Aspley

The world finds education a mechanism for enlightenment, advancement as well as enrichment. This is why schools are found virtually in every nook and cranny. Among the schools that dot the Australian continent, we are going to take a look at some schools in the Aspley region of Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia.

Aspley State School

Aspley State School

Located in Maundrell Tce and Horn Road, Aspley Queensland 4034, Australia, Aspley State School came to be in the year 1890. It started with forty students in its belly. Now the school has undergone a series of evolution parallel to the needs of the Aspley community. As at 2015, Aspley State School celebrated the efforts of 13,000 students and 700 teachers who were once alumni or workers of the school community and who have made efforts towards the achievement of the school becoming a successful Independent Public School.

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Aspley East State School

Aspley School

Located at 31 Helena St, Aspley, Qoueensland 4034, Australia, Aspley East State School is a very large school. Its largeness notwithstanding, it has retained a reliable and habitable community atmosphere as well as individual supportiveness. The school has eagle strength in terms of impressive academic grades, unmatched excellence in the provision of qualitative education for disabled children (especially those who have visual challenges) and loaded curriculum passed across using both academic and extra-curricular activities as mechanisms. The staff members of the school have been acknowledged to be hardworking people. The Aspley East School has curricular and extracurricular facilities which the P&C Association keep alive through funding.

After primary school, some of the students would love to attend high school in Aspley. So the feeder schools are:
Aspley State High School, Craiqslea State High School (located in 685, Hamilton Road, West Chermside, Queensland 1432), and Wavell State High School, Telopia Avenue, Wavell Heights, Queensland 1412.

After primary school, some of the students would love to attend high school in Aspley. So the feeder schools are: Aspley State High School, Craiqslea State High School (located in 685, Hamilton Road, West Chermside, Queensland 1432), and Wavell State High School, Telopia Avenue, Wavell Heights, Queensland 1412.

Aspley Schools

Aspley Special School

Aspley Special School provides the space of education for about 100 special students who are between ages 12-13 and who have intellectual as well as other physical disabilities. The uniqueness of the school lies in the fact that it is one of those that offer such a service to special students who are of secondary school ages in Queensland.

The uniqueness is exemplified by the fact that the school provides students with needed information for life after school. Thus, students are trained to be able to leave in the corporate world as far and enjoyably as their disabilities allow. However, it must be noted that many of them have abilities that break any barrier that disabilities can threaten.

The school is located at 751 Zillmere Road, Aspley Queensland 4034, Australia.

St Dympnas Primary School

The is set along Robinson Road, Aspley having larger percent of students from Aspley, Bridge Downs and other suburbs of Brisbane City. The school is one of the schools that best put measures to curb traffic issues at bay.

Aspley School

We hope this article has given some needed information about Aspley. However, to know more about Aspley and some other suburbs.

Entertainment in Aspley

Are you a funlover? Would you love to paint the town red? There are places purposely founded to satiate your thirst for enjoyment at the Aspley suburb of Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia. This article is prepared to give you information on places where you can enjoy yourself in Aspley and what each of these places has in stock for you. Consequently, prepared below is a list of places you can visit to entertain yourself to the brim in Aspley.

Gahazal Indian BYO and Takeaway

Here the enjoyment of what the Indian freshly cooked meals could taste like right from the moment you perceive the aroma. Since kids need would like to eat this recipe none is either too spicy or hot.at Gahazal, we do it the way it works in india.

Lone Star Steakhouse and Salon

Seated at 825 Zillmere Road, Aspley, Lone Star Steakhouse and Salon offers you the best of the steakhouse experience you could ever wish for.

ServicesLone Star offers the following services and sales: food served by dutiful and beautiful servers, sandwiches, salads, burgers and many more. Lone star is not only concerned about the clients and customers but also treats the employees well. You may contact Lone Star via this number: (07) 38628199.

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Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant

Located at 4/611, northern part of Brisbane, Robinson Road in Aspley. The restaurant has been there serving people within its proximity for the past 20 years. For dinner, Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant is opened throughout the seven days in a week. However, the restaurant is openend from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch. There are varieties of traditional Chinese meals awaiting your pick on both the dining and takeaway sections.

You can order different kinds of meals like: rice, noodles, etc for an individual or round the table. The firm is fully licensed and it accepts wine from BYO only. You should apprised that there is always the need to book for dine on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the evening.

You may be willing to seek more information about the place, its product as well as services for one reason or the other. With these and many more, you must have found Aspley a place where what you need reaches you.

Event Centres in Aspley

Except in exceptionally different psychological situations, humans are known to be social beings. Therefore, there are moments we necessarily gather to celebrate and enjoy. This is why event centres are established to make those social activities easy and entertaining to us. This article is prepared to acquaint you with the places you may need for your events in Aspley. The details of the location will equally be provided as Australia is a large country doubling as a continent.

Aspley Homemaker City

Aspley Homemaker City

Aspley Homemaker City is among the biggest homemaker centres in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. It is equally one of the Brisbane’s most established resort centres. Its purpose of creation is to enable the convenience of customers who want something something extra for their home.



Aspley Homemaker City is seated at the corner of Gympie and Zillmere Road, Aspley, in Queensland 4034, Australia. It is a place where you can access just easily. It is just off Gympie Road. The Gympie road is estimated to be just 24 kilometres from the north of the CBD. This centre has a 500 cars free space for you to park your car.


This centre has facilities poised to satisfy you. There is a café, bathroom facilities, parent room, and parking spaces. The centre is also the cynosure of many respected and admired Australian national retailers like: Freedom, Myer, Barbeques, Galore, Pillow Talk, Snooze, Forty Winks, Plush as well as Nick Scali.

Aspley Hotel

Aspley Hotel

There are many hidden gems in Brisbane and this privately owned hotel is one of them. The hotel has been long since 1800s and it has evolved with time as a result of intense renovations. It is admirably called The Aspley.’ Despite the renovations, there hotel still remain loyal to its rich legacy rooted in the history of its longtime experience.


The hotel is located along 1247 Gympie Road, Aspley, QLD 4034, in Australia.


This hotel has cosy facilities like, bars, dining halls for banquet, and newly refurbished private gaming room, keno, TAB and a collection of on-site apartments readied for functions. Other facilities include a Redmond Lounge, Back Terrace, a Herb Garden, and many other facilities awaiting you to come and utilise them.

It is not expected that you moan over unavailability of a place to use for your events after these gems have been proffered before you for you to maximise. All you only have to do is to book one and pay the affordable fee. Then whichever you book becomes yours until your payment is due. These places are inexistence to make Aspley as habitable for you as anywhere else you may love to refer to as home.

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Amusement Parks in Aspley

Fun is something needed among humans, including kids and adults. Usually, co-workers may also love for vacation. If you are in Aspley suburb, you don’t have to be bothered about places to go. There are many locations awaiting your fun in Aspley. This article is therefore, prepared to apprise you with needed information concerning places you would love to go for fun in Aspley.

  1. Marchant Park- Marchant Park is one of the many parks in Aspley rich with facilities you would love to utilise for your top enjoyment. It is located along Ellison Road 4034 Brisbane-Aspley, Queensland in Australia. Facilities in this park include, cricket court, car parking areas, picinic areas, dog-off leash areas, fitness station, soccer facility, toilets, playgrounds etc.
  2. Fred Campbell Park – Fred Campbell Park is located along 748, Zillmere Road, Aspley, Queensland in Australia.
    Facilities in Campbell Park include, a picnic area, a playground located in Cooyar Street, and a shared pathway.
  3. Turrbal Place Park – If you are the type that loves engaging in fitness activities, this park is for you. Plus other facilities, you are going to enjoy, there is a fitness facility. It is located at 26 Turrbal Place, Aspley, Queensland in Australia. Turrbal Place Park has the following facilities: a fitness staition, a playground, picnic area as well as a shared pathway.
  4. Ben Lomand Street Park – Ben Lomand Park is located at 74 Ben Lomand Street, Aspley, Queensland in Australia.
    Facilities in this park include: a cricket net, half court, playground, half-shared pathways.