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About North Lakes

North Lakes is one of the suburbs of Morton Bay Queensland, in Australia. It was originally a part of the Mango Hill before the Department of Natural Resources separated it and made it a suburb on its own in 2006. As at 2011 when Australian census was carried out, the place housed up to 15,046 residents.

The suburb is in the early stage of development as it has newly sprouting houses around North Lakes Golf Course. The suburb now has up to 17,000 people living there and patronising the available shops, parks and schools. The area also has several new facilities which include: the North Lakes Community Centre, Pathway Library, Industrial Estate, Interchange, as well as Westfield North Lakes.

As at 2016 and at the middle of the same year, a cinema complex was completed for the purpose of entertainment and inner health of the people. You can be quite surprised that North Lakes has the second largest superstore in Queensland. Also North Lakes adds another feather to its cap by being the first Queensland Cosco.

The North Lake Business Park commenced in the year 2007 and it wad meant to take up to a decade before completion. For the purpose of development it was also agreed to construct a road bridge that crosses the Bruce Highway and heads to Dakabin Railway Station.

North Lakes is an ideal location for both homes and businesses. There are plenty of facilities and services that are readily available and accessible within the area like community centres, business centres, shops, and restaurants, to mention a few. When in North lakes, you can also avail of various professional business services, like onsite computer repairs for instance, wherein you can schedule a visit from an expert computer technician in North Lakes to have a look at your computer.


Education is one of the primary needs for a human society to really be that of a human and North Lakes has institutions for that. The suburb has many schools including, several state, private primary and senior schools. The colleges there include, North State Lakes College, The Lakes College, and Bounty Boulevard.

Community Magazine

Reading is one of the proof of human civilisation and progress. North Lakes is among the reading communities in Australia as it has its own magazine called North Lakes Now Magazine.


Good and standard healthcare system is something primarily needed in a human society. The consequence of nothing having such may be the spread of diseases and death. This gives relevance to apprising you with the nature of the healthcare system of North Lakes. The North Lakes Day Hospital and the North Lakes Haematology and the Oncology Clinic has several surgical facilities.

With the standard facilities and other amenities mentioned about the North Lakes, it is very much agreeable that it is a place which people would really love to abide. Find out more about various establishments and places to go to.