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What Does a VPN do to your Online Privacy?

If you do not know, what you do online is being monitored by a lot of individuals including your Internet Service Provider (ISP), online companies, the government, and other individuals who is interested in your internet data. Deleting your browsing history or...

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Does a Capacitor Help a Computer System?

A lot of computer owners never bother or don’t even know the presence of a capacitor on the computer. The reason for this is this part of the computer is not visible to the naked eye and is usually found in the motherboard. Computer technicians and repairers are...

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Fitbit’s Robotic Technical Support

Fitbit's Horrible robotic Customer Care centers - Don't expect to get help - It's a horrible experience Hi Everyone.  I just wanted to give everyone an overview of my experience with Fitbit and their robotic technical support.  I have never...

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