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HDD vs. SSD: Which One to Choose?

Greetings! HDD vs SSD - how do they differ and which one is better? Surely, when buying a new PC or laptop, many noticed that it is the size of the storage device - HDD or SSD - that can significantly affect its price. What is their difference? Is it worth opting for...

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Microsoft Forcing Windows Updates

Microsoft are forcing customers to install updates that are causing their machine to break and not load up. Any update can cause an issue with a machine – however in the past users have been able to prevent future updates or hide updates from installing.

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Computer Repairs Hamilton – Laptop Set up.

Hi. It's Robert here from rebootyourcomputer.com.au. Today I went to a customer's place in Hamilton and I helped them set up their new laptop. They were not used to Windows 10 so I made a change to make it look like an older version of Windows as opposed to this new...

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