(07) 3155 2002

Hi Guys.  Robert here, Just keeping you up to date with some of the jobs I’ve had today.

Rochedale South 

Went out to a customer’s place today and they stated they were having problems with a slow computer.  Upon checking the computer out I realized that it wasn’t that their computer was slow it was their internet that was slow.  When i ran a speed test it was getting under 4mbps.  I explained to the customer that he didn’t need to get a new machine and that we had to work on fixing the internet up.  it was really interesting as one of his last computer technicians had sold him an external Antenna however instead of being up on the roof it was on the ground.  Anyway I was curious to see whether or not the Antenna was actually helping the customer out in anyway so I removed the cords that was plugged into the Telstra 4G box and Ran another Speed test.  Upon checking out the speed test results they were actually the EXACT same as they were when they had the Antenna which was really interesting.  Unfortunately this customer couldnt get an ADSL connection into his house as well so we had to rely on the Telstra 4G dongle.  I then turned around and tried alternative locations for the little 4G box away from the shed which would have also been causing interference.  Anyway I found a place and then we ran another speed test and we doubled the speed simply by moving the Telstra 4G Device to a different location!  Awesome ending – I’m happy and the customer is also happy and it only cost him $110.


One of my regular customers called me out who’s son is an IT Expert however he is a tech out in Roma.  Anyway when I went to the house he had a Dell computer and 

(07) 3155 2002