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All CREATIVE T50 and T40 Series Speakers going into standby how to prevent them


Hi Guys. Robert here from rebootyourcomputer.com.au. Today I have a new annoyance for you.

Creative Labs – famous for the obsolete ‘sound blaster’ series are out to stop global warming and as a result they are forcing ALL of their speakers to go into standby every 10 minutes that you are not using it. Yes you have heard this right, they want to stop global warming – so they think your speakers are actually causing the polar caps to melt and as a result they turn them off after 10 minutes.

Creative’s support is probably one of the worst support teams that you can imagine. Stocked full of Philippine robots who read from scripts and can’t speak proper English. Creative are obviously trying to save money where they can.

This has frustrated me for over 2 years now and I regularly post comments on their face book page frustrated at their standby features. Doesn’t look like this is just meant for the T40 and T50 series, it appears to be all Creative speakers. I will never ever buy another creative speaker again – How dare they dictate to us when our speakers go into standby, it is the most annoying thing haven’t to constantly turn on your speakers because you walked downstairs only to come up and creative have turned it off for you. Please see a trail from the wonderful folks over at ‘creative labs’.



Dear Robert,

Regarding your concern, currently we do not have speaker model that does not have the standby feature.

The feature implementation is in accordance to certain government regulatory requirement. Refund option is also a sole discretion of place of purchase as per their own store return policy.

If you require further assistance, please reply to this email and we will get back to you.

Regards, Mil Creative Labs Pte Ltd Worldwide Customer Response




Now, if you are in the situation that you have purchased the creative speakers and you want to prevent your speaker from going into standby please follow these steps.

  1. Download and install Audacity
  2. Enable Stereo Mix on your computer
  3. Set recording on Audacity to use Stereo Mix
  4. Turn off all possible sounds your programs might be causing. Stereo Mix records straight from the soundcard, so if youre not playing anything it records silence
  5. Make atleast 5 second recording of nothing, 8 tops. Its not exact science.
  6. Highlight the track, then choose Generate -> Tone: Sine, with 20000Hz, amplitude 1, click OK
  7. Effect -> Fade In. Do the same for Fade Out
  8. File -> Export Audio, 16bit Wav
  9. And voila, just replace the file that OP gave you with that and actually works, remember to use the same filename so you dont have to edit the script.
Credit to thunda on https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/1480982338946137958/

Tell all your friends and family to never buy creative again.