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Read below to find out how to make your browsing experience even more enjoyable.

I’m a big fan of news.com.au, every day I reload their site multiple times to read up on the latest news stories. I have to say they are probably one of the best companies who update their sites multiple times a day. That being said, they love money. They absolutely can’t stop thinking about making money on their site and to do this they want to bombard you with as many Ads as can fit on your screen. It has become so bad that when you load the site on some occasions they have 2 3 auto play videos playing in the back ground. This COMPLETELY ruins your browsing experience. If anyone has taken lessons on how to build a website successfully this is the number 1 golden rule DO NOT HAVE AUTOPLAY VIDEOS as it’s the number one way to drive people away from your websites. What makes it worse is the only way to stop these auto play ads are to Click on them in order to load the ad. Now news.com.au gets to run back to the advertiser and say how popular their ad was which would convince them to continue advertising with news.com.au it had nothing to do with the interest people showed in the ad but a sly tactic by this company to boost their click thru rates so they can sell more advertisements on their site as they know how annoying these auto play videos are.

Now I absolutely understand the need for these sites that offer free content to make money as just like commercial TV where the ads pay for you to watch the latest shows for free this same rule applies to websites. However there does come a stage where like most big corporate company now days greed gets the better of them and they keep juicing that orange until it can not be juiced any longer and that’s what news.com.au are doing with their ads.

News.com.au and smh both seem to be run by the same money hungry executives as they are both two of the worst sites I’ve seen for advertising. In one of their articles recently – They even had an article about the damage that ad blockers are having to their industry.


Any how lets get started with turning these ads off for good.

For Google Chrome users (My preferred method) simple type this into the address bar


When this loads

Change it to

Awesome now this is all done for you so in future all you have to click on the video in order to have it play.

Now, let’s take it a step further while the static ads on the screen don’t bother me as much, I really want to do everything I can do to prevent this company making any money on their sites due to their in your face’ approach to ads in general. So let’s clean up your screen full of the picture ads that clutter it.

Simply download

And when you relaunch your browser and go to news.com.au you will have a much better viewing experience.

Thanks news.com.au

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