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Fitbit’s Horrible robotic Customer Care centers – Don’t expect to get help – It’s a horrible experience

Hi Everyone.  I just wanted to give everyone an overview of my experience with Fitbit and their robotic technical support.  I have never ever dealt with a company as incompetent as Fitbit.  They must be from a third world country because anyone from a first world country would at least have the brains to deal with customers without driving them crazy by repeatedly asking them to restate their problem over and over again when you clearly say – LOOK ABOVE.  These executives have no idea what it is like to deal with these third world countries for support. They will do ANYTHING to save money but in the mean time let their customers suffer as a way that they can make more profits.  I have to say – I have never had any of these experiences with Apple.  Everytime I’ve called them, they have been so quick to answer and so quick to assist, it makes me wonder whether this is fit bits strategy to turn customers away by frustrating them so much they then end up walking away.  The problem is when they walk away, they will never ever buy another fit bit product again.