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While running a retail store, it is necessary that you catch the pulse of the customers and get to know how impressed they are with your products or services. Since businesses are again coming back on track while dealing with the new normal due to the pandemic, the market has become pretty competitive. And that is why it is necessary that you get to know how satisfied your customers are. That will give you the right idea about where you need to focus your attention for betterment or how you can improve their experience. This will also help you retain your customers.

Now, when it comes to getting customer appreciation, it is not an easy task. The customer might spend hours at your store to get the things they want. But at the checkout counter, they will not spend any extra time to give feedback or appreciate your business. However, you can make it happen by spicing up this a bit at the POS. How? Take a look.

Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are always special and who doesn’t love to get a gift on their birthdays! No, I am not suggesting you go extravagant and give something big on the birthday of your customers. But you can introduce birthday rewards. When your customers are coming for their first-time shopping at the store or getting their first service, you can get information from them at the counter, including their birthdays. And on that day, offer a special discount, discounted package of service or a free gift. Trust me on this, the customers will be thrilled with you. Your point of sale systems can save the data and automate the whole process without causing any problem. So, this is a good way to get what you want.

Engaging in Social Media

This can be a super interactive and engaging activity that will make your customer happy too. While checking out, you can offer a discount to your customer if they post on social media and tag you in the post. This will be a two-way benefit for you. On one hand, your store will get a boost in social media marketing. On the other hand, your customer will be happy to get the discount too.

Surprise for the Customer of the Day

With the help of your retail point of sale systems, you can make this happen. Surprise your customer with some rewards when they are at your store. This can be easy with the POS system. While the sale is going on, the 50th or the 100th customer of the day can get a reward. As keeping track will be difficult manually, you can use the inputs of the POS system that will help you randomly choose the winner of the reward automatically and help you reward the customer. This type of surprise will surely impress your customers and make them appreciate it more and more. They will be willing to share their feedback too.

Give Incentives for Positive Reviews

In modern business scenarios, if you are trying to retain customers and want to attract more new ones, it is necessary that you get good positive reviews from your existing consumers. And for that, you can encourage them more by offering incentives. At the POS, you can offer iPads for sharing feedback and if someone is giving positive feedback, maybe reward them with an in-store discount. If someone is posting a negative review, then also get back to the customer and try to figure out what went wrong.

There are many companies like Retail Control Systems that offer retail POS and cannabis POS systems for meeting such specific needs will be easy to manage and get the right results.