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I Hate Microsoft.

There is no other company that I despise more than this corporate Giant. Lately they have been very busy destroying windows with their constant updates to both their windows as well as office products. This is a company that is removing the old but familiar file menus and old classic look of programs and forcing a Full screen dumb down look upon ALL of their applications. As a computer technician I’m constantly going out to customer’s houses where their computer has been screwed up due to a windows 10 update that has happened forcing their whole computer to fail and not start. If you call 13 20 58 which is Microsoft’s number in Australia – they’ll usually force you to do a reinstall of windows 10 potentially losing all of your data.

My latest gripe with this corporate piece of shit that is Microsoft, is the changes that they have made to their outlook program (and all other programs).

Typically when you would go and add an account or modify /change settings you would get the below screen

Looks familiar doesn’t it. This is what it used to look like, if you added or changed an accounting settings you would see the following screen that would appear.

Giving you full control and options over your email account as well as incoming and outgoing server settings. Unfortunately with the latest update that Microsoft has forced down your throats, regardless of whether you wanted it or not, it removes this option completely, giving you the following screen for when you go to add a new account.

And if you want to change any of the settings it gives you the following screen;

Microsoft, it seems to have completely removed the option to edit or change any of your email settings once the account has been created. For advance users, they love having the control where they can change incoming / outgoing settings especially if they are on a different server etc -however Microsoft has removed this ability to do so. On the surface the only reason that I can come up with is that they are preventing you from changing these settings once they have been proven to work. So for anybody looking for the mean time to change any settings it appears that you will have to remove the account completely and then re add.

For Computer Technician’s out there, I have noticed on MULTIPLE occasions, that there can be errors setting up a new accounts and say “something went wrong”. I have been able to go to the control Panel and select the mail applet within there as pictured below and have entered the EXACT same details within their and the mail account has been set up successfully.

Once again I just wanted to put this out their if anyone is having these types of Issues with the new update of Microsoft office 2016. This issue and change seems to have been implemented on outlook Version 1807.