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I’ve had the weirdest problem with PDF documents and sending on a customer’s computer. I’ve never ever experienced anything quite like this.
I have spent over 9 hours on this issue – with absolute confusion with how / why this could happen. I will also make it quite clear that I loathe Microsoft.
Windows updates have caused nothing but issues with our clients computers. Microsoft will not back off with their automatic updates. They refuse to acknowledge the issues
that forcing these updates upon customers causing things to break on a daily basis. When you try to talk to them through their face book page, they send you automatic scripted
answers because they would rather pay third world country rates then support Australian / American Jobs. They are more focused on features than getting things to work properly and focusing on stability. With earlier version of windows you could at least stop these updates from happening. Windows 10 – you now no longer get a say with what happens to your computer. The issue below is a recent issue that I’ve had after a windows update.

– I can’t send through any Email program as an attachment PDF – EVERY other file is working BUT PDF’s
– Outlook Error comes up with 0x800ccc0f
– I’ve tried using gmail (free account) when I add a PDF it just hangs on uploading it
– I’ve tried different user profiles, I get the same outlook error message / or error with other email clients that there is a problem with ISP / Mail program (yet the same account works on my computer)
– I can send EVERYTHING BUT PDF files
– Won’t send a PDF through Safe Mode outlook either
– I’ve run multiple virus scanners and cleaners
– I used ccleaner to clear the cache as well as tried other browsers – once again in gmail it just hangs while uploading the attachement
– I’ve created different user profiles and the same issue is happening

This is the error we are getting with outlook

For the life of me I can not work out what the issue is, I have never been more confused about a computer issue in my professional career.

Update – As much as I would have liked it to have been caused by a windows update – I asked the customer to try connecting at a different location to see if he could send his emails and he was able to send succesfully. So in this case – it appears to be his internet service provider and / or Modem.

I have also got a site dedicated to consumers that are against Microsoft and their constant updating of products.  Please like the face book page at https://www.facebook.com/consumersagainstmicrosoft/