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Schools in North Lakes

An integral part of a community are its youth, and the best way to nurture their progress and development is through education. It is with proper education that one is prepared and equipped to contribute to his or her community and the world at large. Here are a few educational institutions that you can find in North Lakes area:

North Lakes State College

North Lakes State College opened around 2002 as a P-3 College. The school was originally planned as a State Government education facility. It enables students to start their academic career from pre-school and continue till when they are age 12. The P-12 organisation the school provides an easy continuity for students as it enable students to improve on their natural skills and knowledge continually.


The availability of facilities to education has a whole lot of effect on educational achievement. The campus has many facilities including beautiful architectural designs, sporting facilities, as well as shopping centres for both teachers and students.


North Lakes State College is seated 25 Kilometres north of Brisbane CBD and along the Bruce Highway. It’s situated at the quiet environment conducive for learning. A few kilometers from the campus are various establishments feature shopping centres and establishments fit for all members of the family. The college is located wherein there is convenient access to various amenities, products, and services. When looking for a computer technician near North Lakes, there are also shops that offer computer repairs service for various types of computers and laptops.

North Lakes Public School

The school has staff members who are dedicated and united such that they work as a team. No wonder the North Lakes Public School becomes an environment where students are well taken care of and also encouraged to achieve the best in whichever career path they set their feet on.


The curriculum of the school enables its students to learn at an academic level and at the same time development their various various natural talents. North Lakes Public School’s curriculum is designed to focus not only on academics but in nurturing each students’ natural talent as well.


The North Lakes Public School is located at 69 Goorama Avenue, San Remo NSW 2262. Find out more about North Lakes here.