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Shopping Centres in North Lakes

Shoping centres provide much convenience to shoppers, making various services and products readily available and easily accessible to all. It also provides a venue for entertainment, recreation, fun, and relaxation. Here are a few shopping centres that you can find in ad around North Lakes, Moreton Bay Australia.

Westfield North Lakes


Westfield North Lakes is a melting pot for adventure and relaxation filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants that showcase a multitude of services and products for fashion, beauty, health, home, and lifestyle. It boasts of a massive parking space that can accommodate up to 6,455 cars. A newly renovated cinema complex provides a comfortable getaway where mall goers can view the latest blockbuster movie release. The mall features over 80 stores with several popular brand outlets like IKEA, Target, Coles, Kmart, and Rebel Sports to mention a few.


Westfield North Lakes is a shopping centre based at Anzac Avenue and North Lakes Dr North Lakes Queensland 4509, Australia.

North Lakes Shopping Centre


The shopping centre is anchored by Coles. It has up to 14 specialty shops with on-site customer parking space for approximately 264 cars.


North Lakes Shopping Centre is located along N Lakes Drive, North Lakes QLD, 4509

At North lakes, you can find various types of products and services that you can easily and conveniently avail of. When looking for computer technicians to work on your machine, you can also contact an professional computer technician to check and fix your unit. There are computer repair companies that offer onsite computer repairs in North Lakes at very affordable prices.

Sunglass Hut, Westfield North Lakes Shopping Centre

Shopping centres in North lakes features various specialty stores where you can find different brands of products. Westfield North Lakes Shopping Centre for example, features a Sunglass Hut in its facility wherein the specialty store features numerous types and brands of sunglasses. Some of the variants, designs, and brands featured in Sunglass Hut includes:


There are many brands made available in Sunglass Hut. The brands include:
• Round: This has round frame for the glasses. The brand does not only flatter face but also make fashion fun.
• Rimless: With Rimless, you can keep it low with a simple light, low-profile frame that forms you a minimalist look. A bonus is that it does not scarify your face.
• Pilot: If classic look is actually the thing you want, it is what Pilot offers than several other brands. The design is sophisticated enough for advanced cockpit and you certainly will enjoy your view using this.
• Oval: Oval is the amazing product that works well with all the shapes of faces. Oval sunglasses are a must-have product that for you. You can even recommend it to friends.
• Cat Eye: If you are the type who is conservative or who has more predilections for vintage materials, cat eye is for you. With it on you, you would have the look of a vintage movies-star. Interesting it is that Cat-Eye produces both the Upswept and the Old-School kinds.


The Sunglass Hut is at Anzac Avenue and North Lakes Dr Mango Hill Queensland 4509, Australia.

The proximity of these shopping centres allows much convenience that lets shoppers enjoy a venue filled with shopping options for products and services, a venue for fun and entertainment and more! Click Here to find out more about North Lakes.