(07) 3155 2002

Hi Everyone,

I recently posted this to the apple care forums but it was removed because it was not constructive.  So I’m posting this on my website along with other websites as Apple seem to not like criticism of their services.

I want to tell everyone how hopeless Apple Engineers are. They are pathetic, they do not know their products and are really unable to help you. It’s really amazing when you deal with them how little they know or are willing to help, most likely because apple are hiring people working in third world countries who don’t know anything about anything.

I have had a problem since the start of the year, where my apple id constantly get’s locked out, on a weekly basis. It’s so annoying – having to unlock your password regularly. I have also changed my apple ID – thinking that someone could be trying to ‘hack’ into my account.

What I think is most suprising however is that one of the suggestions by apple was to enable two factor authentication so that I would have to type in a number in order to access my account from a new device to “prove” that I was the owner.  I was advised that enabling two factor authentication would prevent me from having to reset the password because if the person couldn’t enter the numbers that were displayed on another apple device – they wouldn’t have access to my account.   I thought that even though it was annoying that it might help. Anyway turns out even if you have two factor authentication “enabled” I was still having to recover my account because and reset my password – this was continuing to happen with my account being locked.  I then told ‘Steve’ what is the point of two factor authentication if we still had to reset our password if someone failed the two factor authentication.  No suprise that Steve had no idea – but when he escalted it up to his engineers, apparently they had no idea why it happened as well.

Anyone Steve then mentioned that he can escalate the call regarding my constant reset of my account to the apple engineers as they are the ‘experts’ in their field.  But guess what, Apple engineers also have no idea why my account is constantly being locked.  I might call HP or Microsoft, they would probably be in a better situation to help than ‘Steve’ and the wonderful third world country engineers of apple!

What’s more Steve apparently doesn’t have a supervisor or a manager – so literally if ‘steve’ can’t help you out there’s nothing else that can be done.

Two weeks later I’m having the same issue and not even the people who make the products knows what to do.

Thanks Steve and your hopeless Apple support team.