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Before the invention of the internet, marketing wasn’t so easy. Salespeople would have to go door-to-door (D2D) and tell others about their products. While digital marketing has made things easier, traditional marketing mediums are still effective. You have likely had a marketer knock on your door at some point, did you buy the product? If yes, you can already see how effective that sales method can be.

Even if a D2D sales pitch doesn’t result in a sale being made, you still gain a lot. For one, you gain exposure, now more people know about your product and are familiar with it. If you go back for a return visit, you should have a warmer reception. It also gives you firsthand information on how your clients think. By reviewing what was said, you would be able to sharpen your sales pitch.

Alright, you have now decided to use the D2D approach, but we can’t let you go without some help. In this article, we would share information that should help you with your sales.

Be Selective When Marketing

The goal of the door-to-door marketing technique is to try to reach as many potential customers as possible, and notice the use of the word “potential”. You can learn more about this marketing method here. Not everyone is a candidate for solar energy, and you shouldn’t waste time and energy visiting every house.

At times it might not be the person but the building they live in. If their roof has obstructions from construction that would hinder the installation of solar panels, that’s a red flag. You’ve not yet convinced them to buy a panel, why add the burden of adding serious changes to their roof? Your time is better off spent at homes where installation would be straightforward.

Houses with obstructions aren’t a total write off. However, our point is that the extra bill it would take to repurpose the home for solar might discourage the owner. Visiting homes that fall into this list would take the time you could use to pursue better prospects.

Become Friends with Rejection

In the course of your life, how many marketers have you turned down because you were too busy or uninterested? It is probably a sizable lot, and you most likely didn’t think about it after. Well, you would encounter people like you on this journey, and you should get acquainted with rejection early.

Some of them might not even be polite enough to turn you away kindly, you might meet the unnecessarily rude types.  You must take this all in stride and move on swiftly if you feel they’re not interested in the product. It is all part of the journey.

Do Not Rush the Customer

It is natural to get overeager especially if it’s your first D2D route, but a professional knows to take things slow. If you pressure your prospect to provide an answer on the spot it might not be what you desire. Switching energy sources is a pretty big decision, and the cost is not a walk in the park either. It’s not as simple as buying a new couch and even that takes some thought too.

A better approach would be to create rapport with the person, tell them about the product, and request that you come back later. This method is more likely to lead to a closed sale because they feel like they made the decision themselves, not to mention a second pitch is always easier.

Focus On the Problem

The key to successful sales is understanding the problem. Once a prospect notices this, they would be willing to consider your product. There are different reasons why a person could choose to go solar, perhaps they want to be off the grid, or it could be rising electricity costs.  At times you need to sell a lower utility bill, not a solar panel to get them interested.

Through casual conversation with a prospect, you would be able to discern the challenge they have. You can achieve this by asking the right questions, such as, what do they think about their current energy charges? Do they feel the ozone layer is recovering? You can also formulate your questions and use them.

Work On Your Sales Strategy

A lot of people are selling solar energy and you need a good plan if you must stand out. To hone this plan, you need to become an expert on your product first. If you ever had a lecturer that didn’t know a lot about the course, you’d know how easy it is to sense a lack of confidence. Once you understand your product, you can now begin putting together a winning pitch.

The basic structure of your pitch should be rigid enough to highlight the same points every time, but fluid enough to adjust to different people. It should be easy to understand, while stating the key points of your sales, you should be able to adjust your approach, jokes, banter, and other cues easily.

Be Conversational

This is a skill any successful D2D marketer must have. When you knock on someone’s door and it feels like a Q&A session, it is easy to lose a client’s interest. Of course, no one wants to open their door just to be bombarded with questions.  This link https://www.scienceofpeople.com/ would help you understand the basics of being a good conservationist.

Be conversational in your approach, even when you’re trying to get information out of a prospect let them feel like they’re volunteering it. A good conservationist also has to be charming. You should use witty replies but don’t forget to read the room and tailor your conversation accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Even though we live in a digital age, door-to-door sales are still used worldwide. This should let you know how effective it is. By utilizing this marketing medium effectively, you open the door to clients you might not have closed through social media. Take the elderly, for example. Hopefully, after reading this article you are now better informed on the proper approach to this type of marketing.