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As a computer technician – the truth is we making our living when computers break down – or when software or viruses are installed onto a new machine. Unfortunately with the release of Windows 10 – Microsoft are forcing customers to install updates that are causing their machine to break and not load up. Any update can cause an issue with a machine – however in the past users have been able to prevent future updates or hide updates from installing. With Windows 10 Microsoft have stopped giving you control over your machine and are forcing updates when they see fit on your machine. There have been countless amounts of times where we have been on the clock and have had to restart the machine only for Windows to do an update which can take up to an hour – which in turn the customer has to then pay for.

For the last 4 months I have been posting on Microsoft’s face book page daily advocating for my customers who have had to pay for a service based on an update that has failed them. I feel that it is not fair that customer’s should be financially out of pocket due to Microsoft’s updates. I have just found out recently that Microsoft have hidden my posts from the general public and have also hidden other customers comments as well regarding updates. However I have screenshotted this page to show customer’s the extent and the nature of the problems with Windows 10 updates. Unfortunately this is out of our control when Microsoft releases and update and if it will cause the machine to break. Most computer’s even the one’s that come from us come with a hardware warranty – not a software warranty which is what these would fall under.

We are suggesting customers to contact Microsoft Direct on 13 20 58. Tell them about this page and the feedback that you have been reading. Unfortunately if customer’s are not willing to take a stand and tell Microsoft what they think – these updates will continue to be forced down people’s throats.

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